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Powered by a responsive and highly motivated team of call center professionals, our virtual center offers a wide array of Inbound and Outbound telemarketing services, enabling companies to acquire new customers and make attractive profits.

Our extensive Inbound/ Outbound call center services, combined with the latest technological solutions, quality assurance sessions with continual improvement and commitment to customer service excellence, will help your company achieve optimum results.

:: Infrastructure

A brief on the installed infrastructure is given below:

1. Voice: Multiple high-speed fiber optic link from different vendors for voice channels
• Dedicated Channels on IPLC extendable on demand from telecom service providers
• MVOIP Connectivity for redundancy over a 10 gbps dedicated link

2. Data: Dedicated 1000 mbps of Internet bandwidth through the best fiber internet services
• Service Provider 1 – 1000 mbps
• Service Provider 2 – 1000 mbps

3. Local Area Network (LAN):
– Tyco certified Ethernet Network terminated on CISCO routers & switches.

4. Database & Application Servers: High-end DELL servers

5. Personal Computers: Intel i7 with 20” LED Monitors.

6. Printing: HP laser Printers on terminated on the LAN

7. Telecom: State of the art ACD, IVR, Voice Recording
• Voice Recording

8. Firewall – The entire telecom infrastructure is firewalled with CISCO firewall.

9. Power Supply: Guaranteed power supply through 100% captive power generation

10. Power Backup: Power backup through multiple Network Power UPS

11. Third party call monitoring.

12. Logitech Headsets with best quality